2018 Lakeland Regional Health Heart Center Cardiovascular Symposium

2018 Lakeland Regional Health Heart Center Cardiovascular Symposium


2018 Speakers Group Pic.jpg
2018 LRH CV Symposium Speakers. From left to right, Dr. Khanna, Dr. Carl Pepine, Dr. Fred Kusumoto, Dr. Daniel Yip, Dr. Andres Medina, Dr. Williams. Not pictured: Dr. Doug Ebersole and Dr. Victor Cotton.

Thanks to all the faculty and attendees of the 2018 Lakeland Regional Health Cardiovascular Symposium! We appreciate the time away from family and hope the education proves to be worthwhile. You will find link to PDF’s of all lectures below; please note that faculty may have altered their presentations from these files.

2018 Pepine Pic
Dr. Carl Pepine from the University of Florida discussing women and heart disease. Forty two percent of adult women have hypertension which is the number one cause of mortality! Dr. Pepine is a true giant of cardiology.

Pepine CVD in Women


2018 Yip Photo
Dr. Daniel Yip from Mayo Clinic discussing management of congestive heart failure.

Yip LRH CV Symposium 2018

2018 Kusumoto Pic
Dr. Fred Kusumoto from Mayo Clinic discussing anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation.

Kusumoto LRH CV Symposium 2018

Dr. Doug Ebersole from The Watson Clinic discussing left atrial appendage occlusion in clinical practice.

Ebersole LRH CV Symposium 2018

Cotton 2018 Pic.jpg
Dr. Victor Cotton explaining medical liability risk mitigation. Always a great speaker and hard to tell if he is more entertaining or informative!

Cotton LRH CV Symposium 2018

Dr. Andres Medina of The Watson Clinic and Lakeland Regional Health discussing transcutaneous aortic valve replacement.



Medina 2018 TAVR

Thompson CV Symposium 2018

Khanna 2018 EKG

Williams LRH CV Symposium 2018

Thanks again for attending and please let us know what you’d like to hear about next year. You can submit suggestions for next year by commenting here.

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