The Electrophysiology Study and Ablation Procedure

This is the ninth podcast in the What are Palpitations? series and it focuses on the preparations necessary before proceeding with an electrophysiology study including elements of the preoperative workup. We will discuss the electrophysiology laboratory where the procedure is performed and steps involved in performing the procedure. We’ll talk about what happens if your doctor cannot find or ablate the arrhythmia as well as postoperative care. Finally, we will discuss advanced treatment options for atrial fibrillation. A brief outline includes:

  1. Preoperative risk assessment
  2. Use of contrast agents during EP studies or ablations
  3. Thyroid issues
  4. Allergies
  5. Registration and check-in
  6. Informed-consent process
  7. The procedure room
  8. The EP study
  9. How does the doctor place catheters inside the heart?
  10. What happens if my doctor cannot successfully find an arrhythmia?
  11. What happens if my doctor cannot successfully ablate the arrhythmia?
  12. Immediately after the EP study
  13. Day after the EP study
  14. Advanced treatment options for atrial fibrillation

Please check back with the Heart Rhythm Center for future podcasts:

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